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 COVID-19 safety measures for Massage Therapy 

at Healthy Moves

Thank you for visiting Healthy Moves. In the interest of protecting you, myself and everyone coming through my work space, I have implemented the following procedures. Please read through these procedures and feel free to comment or ask questions regarding any concerns. Thank you.

  • Prior to a first visit, I will communicate with client to obtain health information and ask specifically about potential Corona virus symptoms and exposure to COVID-19. 
  • Clients will be informed to communicate with me any symptoms that arise within 2 weeks of their visit so that appropriate precautions and contact tracing can be performed, should there be a need.
  • Clients  will be required to sign an informed consent form that states, they understand that close contact with people increases the risk of infection from COVID-19, and are aware of the repercussions of the disease. By signing this form, they acknowledge that they are aware of the risks involved and give consent to receive massage therapy from Domenic Lopez.  

For every visit:

  • Clients must wear a face mask while in the building, and at all times during the massage.  Cloth masks are acceptable. The proper fit is absolutely essential. If I feel the mask is not adequately protecting our space, I will ask client to wear one that I provide. Masks with valves, bandanas, and gaitors are not acceptable. 
  • I, the massage practitioner, will wear a mask throughout the entire visit. 
  • I’ll ask for the presence of any symptoms of illness since we spoke on the phone. If client feels ill on the day of scheduled session, there is no penalty for canceling appointment. Massage is not advised with any symptoms of illness. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available at all times.
  • All linen will be placed in laundry immediately after massage, with care being taken not to create unnecessary movement of particles.
  • All surfaces touched by practitioner and client will be disinfected with CDC/FDA approved disinfectant, Immediately after the client leaves the office.
  • Clean linen will be placed on table just prior to the following appointment. Clean linen will be kept in closed container or behind closed doors until immediately before the next massage.
  • Bathroom surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after every use.

Additional safety measures

Running HEPA filters (HEPA filters will run throughout the day on low when in massage session but turned on high in-between appointments.

A/C filter has been upgraded to near HEPA quality. A/C only runs in summer and HEPA filters run every day all year.

End of day cleaning will include

I will perform thorough cleaning and disinfecting of hard and soft surfaces within waiting area, bathroom, and massage space. Carpets will be vacuumed at end of each day.

Domenic Lopez B.Sc., Certified Exercise Physiologist and licensed Massage Therapist, is owner and operator of Healthy Moves, a private practice where massage therapy and movement education help you achieve better living.