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photo illustrating functional exercise training and coaching
image demonstrating functional exercise training
photo of functional exercise training example

Functional exercise translates to healthy, efficient movement which helps reduce injuries and chronic pain. Call Healthy Moves of Malvern PA, today to learn more about Functional Exercise Training.

All daily activities require functional exercise training for the coordination of the trunk stabilizing muscles and the muscles of the extremities. Working out on some gym equipment is fine for building isolated muscle strength. But, are you learning to integrate good muscle function into your daily activities?

Functional exercises train your muscles to perform your daily movements, at work and play, in a healthy and efficient manner.

Exercise training, at Healthy Moves consists of teaching you how to exercise properly. This includes incorporating functional exercise in your home exercise or gym routine. We emphasize using good body mechanics at the gym as well as work and play.

An example of functional training is learning how to activate your abdominal muscles in a manner to properly stabilize your back and pelvis. This requires more than the common sit ups. It requires a progression of simple movements to more complex movements. The movements should mimic or closely resemble daily activities or work activities.

You have probably heard of the importance of training the core. Core training includes strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, hips, pelvis and back. The right choice of exercises and movement strategies is what constitutes a functional exercise program.

An exercise program is functional if it includes:

  1. Exercises that help your body recruit the core muscles with proper coordination to create stable healthy movement.
  1. Includes movements that improve strength, mobility, stability and balance necessary for your daily activities.

What Clients Say

“A variety of very fine specialists at the best area hospitals did not provide satisfactory resolution for my pain. With Myofascial Release, stretching exercises and ergonomic consultation Domenic resolved my problem.

Since that time, through his functional exercise program, Domenic has helped me become significantly more fit in order to take a more proactive and preventative approach to health.

I have recommended Domenic to at least seven other clients who have used his services and, without exception, they have been pleased with their results.

I recommend Domenic Lopez to you without equivocation for Massage Therapy, Functional Exercise, or Office Ergonomic consultation.”
Robert H.
Bryn Mawr, PA

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