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photo illustrating functional movement exercise coaching and home exercise idea
Illustration of a hip extensor exercise with gym ball.
picture of a side plank as example of home exercise

Do you want to learn effective and safe home exercise ideas? Healthy Moves of Malvern, Pa., can show you.

Home Exercise Ideas

Home exercise does not rely on fancy gym equipment to develop a healthy body. There are infinite ways to use materials and props available in every home to help build muscle strength, flexibility and endurance, as well as balance and coordination.

Domenic teaches his clients how to use chairs, stairs, counter tops, rubber bands, exercise balls, free weights and their own body weight to create safe and effective home exercise routines.

Stretching for flexibility is perhaps the simplest type of exercise to incorporate at home. See Domenic’s blog for detailed information and instructions on stretching and other self-care ideas.

What Clients Say

“Thank you Domenic!

You have given me the tools to deal with my soreness at home. When my ache acts up, I know I can ease it with the exercises you have taught me.”

Janet H.
Paoli, PA

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