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Massage Therapy Services

Healthy Moves of Malvern, Pa., provides massage therapy to clients on the Main Line and surrounding communities in Chester County and Delaware County, Pa.

Massage therapists generally define massage therapy as the manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissues in order to normalize their function. The soft tissues include, skin, muscle, ligaments, fascia and viscera (organs). The manipulation of the body tissues can include mild, moderate or deep pressures. There are many styles of Massage Therapy also known as modalities. The kind of pressure used is determined by the modality being used, the desired effect and the client’s condition and tolerance.

Massage has been shown to have positive effects on stress, anxiety, sleep, muscle function, nervous system, circulation, pain, digestion, general health and wellness.

There is much scientific evidence supporting Massage Therapy and its many benefits. The American Massage Therapy Association website provides a wealth of information on the many benefits. Read the list below or visit amtamassage.org to learn more.

As a massage therapist I see lots of evidence that massage therapy can:

  • Assist in reducing the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Improve health and wellness
  • Relieve stress
  • Be effective for low back pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Address issus of anxiety
  • Be a beneficial part of integrative treatment plan for fibromyalgia
  • Be effective for tension headaches
  • Aid in pain relief
  • Aid in postoperative pain relief

It is possible to achieve the above benefits with any number of massage or bodywork techniques.  Call Healthy Moves to discuss how each of the following modalities, alone or in combination, can help you improve your well-being:

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