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CranioSacral Therapy

Do you need help coping with pain or stress but are timid about removing your clothes for a massage? CranioSacral Therapy, a soothing hands on approach, can be administered to the fully clothed client.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy benefits a wide array of ailments by assisting your body’s self-regulating mechanism. It is a soothing and relaxing massage that can be performed with the client fully clothed.

This gentle approach, in which a light touch is used, seeks the release of restrictions in the CranioSacral system. The CranioSacral System is composed of the cerebrospinal fluid and the membranes that encase the brain and spinal cord. Also included in this system are the bony attachments of these membranes. This includes the bones of the skull and some parts of the spine.

The benefits of this approach are achieved by monitoring the CranioSacral rhythm, which arises from very subtle movements within the body. These movements are theorized to be caused by cerebrospinal fluid as it flows through the system.

What Clients Say

“I highly recommend Domenic Lopez to anyone who seeks a healthy lifestyle. His special talent is discovering exactly what kind of therapy will work, depending on the problem/issue each client presents with. He brings expert knowledge, and is extremely professional and reliable. I always feel much better after an appointment with him. Don’t hesitate to try!”
Kira S.
Devon, PA

Licensed Massage Therapist
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