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Sports Massage

Healthy Moves of Malvern, PA Helps Athletes in Chester and Delaware County Pa Prevent Injuries and Enhance Performance through Sports Massage

Massage prior to athletic performance warms, loosens and helps prepare the muscles for intensive work. It complements the athletic warm-up. In so doing, sports massage helps prevent injuries and enhances performance.

Post-event massage or post-training massage relieves muscle soreness and stiffness. It facilitates recuperation from fatigue and allows early return to optimal muscle function.

Sports Massage is not a technique in itself. It is the use of various massage modalities with the intention of helping with recovery from performance or in preparation of performance that makes it a “Sports Massage”. This can include basic strokes like effleurage, muscle kneading ( also known as petrissage), percussion (also known as Tapotement), all frequently used in Therapeutic Massage. Myofascial Release may also play an important role in sports massage.


What Clients Say

“Hello Domenic:

Thank you very much for putting me back on my feet again. Your aggressive treatment and assurance have worked wonders for me. There were times when I doubted my return to running, but beneath my doubts was constant feeling I would run again. I just didn’t expect it would be so soon.

Because of the nature of my injury, I consider myself very fortunate to have made such a marvelous recovery and to be able to smile again. I will relish the moment.”

Moses G.
Montreal, Canada

Licensed Massage Therapist
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