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Therapeutic Massage

Ease your tension, aches and pain with a Therapeutic Massage from Domenic Lopez of Healthy Moves located in Malvern between Exton and Paoli, Pa.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage uses a variety of gliding and kneading moves to manipulate tense, sore, tired muscles. Clients are always discretely draped, and the pressure applied is adjusted to individual needs.

Therapeutic Massage

1. Relieves muscle tension and spasm.

2. Eases pain through relaxation and the release of the body’s own natural pain killers-endorphins.

3. Increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids.

A program of regular massage therapy sessions increases your body awareness and teaches you to monitor its signals and needs.

What Clients Say

“I came to Domenic Lopez for massage therapy, on the advice of my doctor. There is no recommended medical treatment for my back, except spinal fusion, which I do not want.

After a crippling incident, that left me almost bed ridden for a month, I started to have massage treatments.

For three months to date I have had weekly massage therapy. I have resumed normal activity. I have been off my pain medication for six weeks.

I have a life back and it has to be the result of massage since neither bed rest nor medications worked.”

Thank you Domenic,

Letty D.
Berwyn, Pa

Licensed Massage Therapist

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